Importer and distributor of edible nuts and seeds for food industry

JKT Foods Europe BV is a family-owned trading company based in The Netherlands with operations in India and the UK. We pride ourselves on supplying exceptional quality peanuts, bird feed ingredients and bakery ingredients.

• Global presence with offices in India, NL and the UK

• Industry experience of 35 years

• Advance and sophisticated peanut processing plant in India

• Separate modernised sesame processing plant in India

• Both plants are ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 certified

• In-house laboratory at our head office in India

• Rated by DNB as "2A2" and rated low risk by COFACE INDIA CREDIT MANAGEMENT for JKT Group

• Professional and customer orientated service

JKT Group Synopsis

Our goals as a supply company

Our primary objective is to make your life easier. If you're trying to source good quality bird feed, peanuts or bakery ingredients, we're here to ensure that you can get the products without having to spend lots of time, effort and money on them.


We manage supply right from the source to the moment that it's delivered to you. This means we'll take care of finding the best sources, setting up contracts with them, importing the goods and sending them to you.


We want to ensure that you're buying the best, safest, healthiest and most competitively priced products. Here in the EU we have an elaborate network of suppliers around the world, years of trading and product experience and an eye for quality.


Our purchasers are travelling frequently for inspections of plantations and production facilities in the countries of origin. We only buy from approved suppliers from our network and we are constantly in touch with different market developments, which gives us a sharp insight to get the best deals for our clients.

We can offer our customers options if they need a full container or a mix of a few items in a container sourced from our warehouse locally in the UK and Rotterdam. We are highly competitive as we bypass many channels a normal importer has.

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