Trading beautiful foodstuffs from the source

If you're looking for a consistent, reliable supplier of bird feed, peanuts or baking ingredients, get in touch with us. We source directly from excellent farms renowned for quality produce.

We believe that maintaining the quality of the produce we supply is key to the success of both our own business and that of our clients. Because of this, we take measures to ensure an ongoing quality from farm through to delivery.


Using our own in-house laboratories, we continuously assess the properties and suitability of our products down to a chemical level. This helps us to monitor and improve the selection process and ensure consistency.


We are keen to ensure that partiality does not compromise any of our quality checking. All of our products will be tested by external laboratories to make sure that we're supplying the best quality.

An emphasis on quality


Contact us to discuss your supply needs. Call us today on

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We can offer our customers options if they need a full container or a mix of a few items in a container sourced from our warehouse locally in the UK and Rotterdam. We are highly competitive as we bypass many channels a normal importer has.